Alien, Extra Terrestrial, External Biological Entity Origination

Alien, Extra-Terrestrial, External Biological Entity Origination. The Beginning, well I believe the Earth and its inhabitants are but a tiny spec in this incredibly vast universe. I wanted to share something with the inhabitants of Earth, that will come after me, on this planet. Life is an existence in a plain of multiple dimensions. I have many years of study and many spiritual experiences. This will be one man’s personal experience of abduction by extraterrestrials, and how they communicated to him our human nature. I truly believe that we are a product of genetic engineering by extraterrestrial contact but our God (the Lord) exists but greater than any galaxy, universe or space-time continuum.

OriginationI am going to tell you a story of how there are the following, terrestrial humans, terrestrial human-alien-hybrids, intelligent aliens or intelligent extraterrestrials, angels & God! It is key to be able to envision your life essence as a ball of light inside your physical body. This light in the physical body is also known as the soul or light body essence. If you can envision all of life from a distant location, like outer space, you would see all of the light bodies twinkling within a bubble of the atmosphere on planet Earth. That atmosphere was created by an intelligence, possibly millions of years ago. The terrestrial intelligent human-alien-hybrids that developed the atmospheric technology are still on planet Earth in a secret location identified with a vortex portal at the top of Antarctica. The magnetic poles create an electromagnetic interface with the ionosphere and encapsulate the planet with a magnetosphere. In order for the ancient terrestrial intelligent alien-human-hybrids to live on planet Earth, they had to develop this atmospheric technology. Originally a group of extraterrestrial intelligence from a distant constellation of Orion (the hunter with an arrow) and his belt of three stars. This group of extraterrestrial intelligence travelled from their star constellation to our Milky way galaxy. The group of extra terrestrial intelligence tried to terraform Mars! When the Terraformation of MARS ultimately went bad they were forced to the look at the Earth as a viable living location. The group of extra terrestrial intelligence inhabited and disguised a satellite that today you know to be the moon. The extra terrestrial intelligence inhabited the moon and are referenced in the book of Enoch as the Watchers. These watchers are written about in ancient spiritual literature as Angels but are really extraterrestrial intelligent aliens from a distant constellation. Now, they (the extraterrestrial intelligent aliens) brought the stardust of life as in DNA from their homeworld. At first, they introduced the stardust of life onto the planet Earth from Mars. This began a chain reaction of the development of life on Earth. As time went by the intelligent extraterrestrial beings known as the watchers that were using the MOON to observe Earth started to find one animal highly desireable.

The animal that the extraterrestrial alien intelligence found desireable was a homo sapien. They used this homo sapien and infused it with genetic material that modified the genes. This original human was an animal that potentially could kill for survival. What the Watchers or Genetic Engineers who are also the extraterrestrial alien intelligence were trying to achieve a balance within the human nature to either make the animal more docile or more animalistic. After much time and the development of this new genetic species, the alien intelligence found a female highly desirable. Two groups one you can identify as the alien intelligence coming from Orion on a planetary spaceship you call Nibiru. The people nicknamed the Nibiruians located at Eridu in ancient Sumeria. When some found out that the genetic modifiers were mating with the female homo sapien there was a rift between the scientists causing the higher ranking Watchers to force to Earth the Angels (extraterrestrials in the hollow moon) down on to the planet. One group split from Eridu and went to a location you know to be Menkaura. There is a cement pad with sacred geometric formulation embedded within it right on the planes of the Giza Plateau. These beings used DNA life genetics coming from the constellation of Lyra and as a group have been termed the Lyrans. The DNA is also responsible for Lions, and the Cat species of life on planet Earth. However, that is just one of the twelve genetic infusions as represented by the zodiacal. Now I am getting way ahead of myself and it will take some time to explain all of this in much greater detail to you within the book.

It all started when I came to a realization that the Earth itself is over 4.55 billion years old. Then ask yourself the question if the Earth is that old then, “how old is the universe?” Man has only been around for about 4,000,000 million years. Did you know the dinosaurs had been alive and into existence for billions of years?

OK, some of the great minds on this planet are debating subjects but ask yourself another question, “how come they can’t substantiate the existence of any Ancient Man Beyond 10,000 years ago?”

Now lets look at the ancient civilizations that we know of to exist. The Ancient Sumarians, who by the way happen to have a star / sun symbol with some type of space travel looking thing on a hat, that looks like a wizards cap. The Babylonians had the hanging gardens so they must have been in touch with the most vital element known to man “WATER!” The Egyptians they were praying to so many gods or actually things that looked like half animal half human. Does that sound sort of like genetic engineering at the DNA atomic molecular level. Then there are the Danish people who had the Frost Giants and Asgaard with THOR and his giant hammer. Then there were the Greeks / Romans with their gods like Zeus, etc.

My questions are philosophical in nature. Could we be a species that either existed on this planet as an animal? Were we genetically manipulated to have a higher intelligence? Of course, I can’t answer that question directly but I think I can prove this by providing you with some evidence.

My study has led me to believe that we exist in a plain of multiple dimensions. Our creator God (the Lord) is so ultimately fantastic that he has designed something we are continually being stimulated to explore. The answers are different for each and every one of us. This in itself makes the world we exist in fantastic.

I have some theoretical conjecture in this area. After doing many hundreds of thousands of hours of intense video & article research on UFOs & aliens, we have found some linkages. There are twelve zodiacal signs that represent constellations. When someone pointed out to me just recently that there was a species of intelligent Citation out in the universe it only made sense. The dolphins and whales here on earth are one of the twelve infusions of genetic material as transported somehow to our planet Earth. We humans on Earth are a blending of these twelve infusions of genetic material. Now why I state this is after deciphering some of the ancient Sumerian cuneiforms it was discovered we are a genetic modification. I do know that there is connectivity in the electromagnetic properties of the Earth and the sacred geometric grid formulation puts hyper-dimensional vortex portals accessible at the sacred megalithic locations around the globe.

The real question of alien location is one of having to go back on the Universal Timeline. So there is connectivity to Orion’s Belt as the pyramids on the great Giza plateau are aligned with the constellation of Orion. When we dial back the clock 10,500 years we get the sphynx in Egypt looking at the constellation of Leo. Now if that was actually to symbolize a greater dynastic period than modern academia states then I say we roll it back another precessional rotation or an entire Cali yuga cycle adding 26,000 years plus 10,500 gets us to 36,500 years ago. We return the lions head to its original shape as we move backwards in time. We take the pharaohs head off the lion. This was evidence of the people on Earth that had made contact with ORION?

The Nordic Benevolent (or good) intelligent aliens are coming from Andromeda. There is a connection however that leads from the Pleiadians back to the Lyrans who worked with the Orions to help seed the universe with life. This story begins with the location of Orion’s belt and the significance of the connection to Osiris and Isis. There are vortex locations on the Earth but one must understand the significance of air, fire, water, earth as far as its connection to the Zodiacal references and the precessional rotation of the Earth. The precessional rotation takes us back in time. Let’s start by spinning the globe backwards in time to 10,500 years as we look into the night sky and find we are in the age of Leo. Leo was the cat body and originally a lion head on the Sphynx so it really at first was not a sphynx. Later the Egyptians and one of the Pharoh modified the head during his reign. They believe that Pharoh to be Khufu. The main point in all of this is to grasp the fact that alien intelligence originated in the constellation of ORION and specifically Orions Belt!

When we begin to talk about the alien location we have to address where the aliens are coming from. There is also the issue of time to take into consideration. Now we have to go back in what I term Universal History to understand why there has been so much written about Orions Belt.

Article by Gregory Volz. Sincerely, Author, Writer, Researcher, Producer – Gregory M Volz – Northwest UFO Chasers. Just a guy who worked for the black operational military-industrial complex and learned to inter & hyper-dimensional space travel.

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