Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal Experiences. Emma Turner interviews a witness’s recollection of a paranormal experience.

Whilst browsing the internet, I began wonder just how many ghosts, poltergeists, UFOs and other “entities” are actually given some sort of physical reality through a seeming bizarre capability of the human mind, something I myself have actually experienced. This is not a new idea, but I feel there have been few attempts to consciously (subconsciously?) generate this effect, and precious little research into the area.

Paranormal ExperiencesTake the experiences of Anthony Woods of Bedhampton in November 2001, for example. Mr Woods has experienced UFOs throughout his life, but the bizarre events and photographs detailed at reminded me of a similar, though  less spectacular event that I myself experienced. Mr Woods however produced some very interesting (and convincing) photographs and video camera footage, and a UFO investigator, who found him to be honest and genuine, detailed his experience. The UFOs captured showed polymorphism the ability to change shape, and, as usual, the seemed to defy known physical laws. They also demonstrated some sort of interaction with Mr Woods and generally appeared when he was out looking for them. When asked to produce more footage by an excited investigator, Mr Woods produced the goods:

“I was suffering because of the bad weather in Bedhampton,” said Anthony, “which made it impossible to tape properly outside. I really wanted to videotape a new UFO because of your request and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“In the morning, the clouds suddenly broke apart letting the sun appear and I raced out to my garden with my camera. In a matter of seconds, an oval-shaped UFO appeared, flying over my home, and I began taping it. It is reflecting the sunlight and, for a moment, it split into two, and then united again. It was a short sighting but long and clear enough to show you the clip. The strange thing is that when the UFO flew away the clouds closed up again and the bad weather returned. Could that have been a coincidence?”

I feel something interesting is going on here something that likely applies to many other paranormal type events. Take my experience: I have been interested in the paranormal all my life, and throughout my teenage years I could often be found reading “The Unexplained” magazine late into the night. I often hoped to experience something out of the ordinary’ but nothing ever happened. One night however, at around midnight I was reading (and thinking intensely with a sense of awe and mystery) about earthlights, when I decided to look out the window into the darkness in the vain hope of seeing something out of the ordinary. I concentrated on a portion of cow pasture on the floodplain of a nearby river where there was a fenced-off marshy depression used by cows for drinking perhaps a Willow O Wisp would appear. The site itself was about ¾ Km from my window.

Low and behold, I thought I could see an extremely faint pinprick of light which I stared at intensely. To my astonishment, the more excited I became, the brighter the light became. I felt I was in some subtle way influencing the light, as it somehow responded to my hope of it becoming brighter, though I wasn’t consciously expressing this thought. As I became used to the light, it dimmed slightly.

At this point, I needed to find a witness so I called my mother. She could clearly see the light and admitted it was ‘strange.’ I then decided to physically investigate the source, and although it took only a few minutes to get to the field when I arrived there was nothing (and certainly nobody) to be seen. My mother confirmed the light disappeared not long after I left. Over the next few nights, the light was occasionally to be seen but at almost imperceptible intensities.

I’m sure readers will find many parallels“ take the success of sky-watches and ghost vigils, for example. Are people generating these UFOs or ghosts themselves? No doubt these objects have been endowed with some sort of objective reality but by what is whom? I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of ‘experiencers’ were able to record more bizarre sightings than a group of sceptics. Perhaps a UFO could be collectively called into existence.

I think it’s about time we re-examined the role of the human mind in generating these seemingly ‘supernatural’ events.

Hello my name is Emma Turner, I am one of five ‘supernatural historians’ at Fright Nights – Britain’s first and most popular ghost hunting companies. With a range of events from overnight ghost hunts, suppers and even haunted weekends – there is a great paranormal experience waiting for you!

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