Top Six to Ten Countries Which the Aliens Like to Visit Most

Top Six to Ten Countries Which the Aliens Like to Visit Most

Where do the aliens go on holiday? Of course, it is the earth, but where does they usually visit? Because of many television and movies with aliens theme in US, people may think that the aliens will visit the United States, but this is not correct. UFO has left their mark around the world, from Orkney, Auckland, Panama to Pyongyang. Although United States has UFO monopoly; but they do not own privileges.

Number 10: Indonesia
Yes, it is Indonesia. You will not guess that, but every year the number of Indonesia’s UFO sighting reports is very high, may be because of the country’s high population density. Unfortunately, Indonesia never had any particularly interesting or famous UFO sightings. After Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, there appeared massive UFO sightings, causing speculation that aliens are trying to warn them to wear their swimming trunks.

Number 9: France

France has a rich history of encounter UFO, some dating back to the Middle-Ages. In 2007, the French government made the relevant decision-making, to provide the public UFO files in the past, present and future availability.

Number 8: Germany

The first place UFO spotted in the modern period was Germany in World War II. In the sky of Nazi Germany and the Pacific battlefield, the two sides’ pilot was attacked by one flying machine called “rich soldiers” inexplicably. According to rumors that Nazi Germany, not only made experiment with UFO; but forged alien with inhuman strength. Since then, the German have been watching the sky.

Number seven: Canada

As the U.S. northern neighbor, Canada has witnessed a considerable number of cross-boundary UFO. They often landed in some bushes or flower beds just like a ball flying out of the fence as an accident. Sometimes they would open a window, or occasionally one was hurt. For example, in 1967, Stefan • Michael Clark said he got injuries and radiation poisoning by flying saucer combustion reactor. Later, an unidentified object fell into Shag Harbor. Immediately a search of the harbor began, but could not find any evidence of the crash. Rumors said that greedy Americans took the wreckage away secretly while searching. Why would aliens visit to Canada? There are two reasons, they may just cross the road or they wanted to laugh at stupid Canadian police.

Number six: Britain

Britain is the head of the world’s crop circle; it also has a large number of UFO reports, especially in the Southwest and the border of Wales. Salisbury Plain is the famous focus of the alien infestation. To the north of Salisbury, the ancient ruins of Stonehenge had several “lines of lies.”  These invisible lines are called the flying saucer road, so that Stonehenge became a transportation hub. But where did the aliens go? Maybe they wanted go to another more sunny and interesting space for vacation.

In 2008, the British Ministry of Defense disclosed the 4000 pages long-term storage of UFO report. UK Ministry of Defense UFO office has received thousands of UFO reports, but did not have time to observe. Now, 80 percent of cases have been dealt with and explained by rational means, but the other 20 percent shrouded in mystery. British Ministry of Defense is currently being destroyed mountains of paperwork.

The most famous alien sighting occurred in the United Kingdom Rendlesham Forrest in 1980. Royal Air Force worker Woodbridge was sent to forest to investigate an aircraft. Allegedly, they found a small alien flying machine, and see inexplicable lights in the woods. Ghosts!

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