The Curious Case of the Alien Ba

The Curious Case of the Alien Ba

Article by Miguel Carlos

For centuries, people have always been mystified with talk of aliens and UFO’s, or unidentified flying objects. A lot of theories and assumptions have already made with regards to the existence of life outside our galaxy, yet no concrete proof has been submitted to justify, or deny, the existence of life beyond our solar system. There has also been little proof to justify the idea that aliens have already been to our planet. Let’s examine the curious case of the so-called Alien Baby.

The Mario Lopez Case of 2007

There has been a lot of talk regarding to the mysterious case of Mexican farmer Mario Lopez. In 2007, Mario Lopez was reported to have found a strange-looking creature that looked like an extra-terrestrial being. Lopez reportedly found the alien baby in the field, and out of fear he later drowned the strange being in a ditch. After Lopez drowned the strange-looking creature in the ditch, the remains were then sent to a certain university researcher, who performed a series of tests to determine what the creature actually was.

The creature was identified after a couple of months, and the research team declared that that the creature was not definitely human. The strange extra-terrestrial baby had bones which resembled that of a reptile, because its teeth were not rooted. While the alien baby had joints similar to humans, it reportedly had the ability to stay underwater for longer periods of time, and it also had a thin coating of skin.

What happened to Mario Lopez?

In a strange twist, Mario Lopez, the Mexican farmer who found the alien baby, was found burned to death inside a parked vehicle. Investigators who examined the body of Lopez also noted that the fire that killed Mario was of a much higher temperature than what usually happens in similar burning cases. Many suspected that Mario’s death was done by extra-terrestrial creatures to exact revenge on him for drowning the alien baby.

Farmers and residents who live within the vicinity where Mario Lopez found the strange-looking baby also noted that crop circles began to form in the farm fields, and some even reported seeing strange-looking flying ships in the skies above. While there have been thousands of reported UFO and extra-terrestrial sightings around the world, many of these have turned out to be plain hoaxes. A number of web sites have also sprouted to either attest, or disprove, the existence of aliens. While some strongly believe that the creature Mario Lopez found on the farm field in 2007 was indeed an alien baby, some argue that the baby was either a freak of nature, or an infant born with serious physical deformities.

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The question of aliens and extra-terrestrial beings has, for centuries, mystified us. Whether they actually exist, or if they’ve already visited Earth a couple of times, has yet to be concretely proven. To learn more about <a href=’ <”>alien> baby incidences, visit AlienBaby.Org.

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