How to Find an Alien Ba

How to Find an Alien Ba

Article by Miguel Carlos

You should initially be on the lookout for the paranormal. In most cases, this can be accomplished by keeping your eyes on the sky several hours each day. Doing this will reveal to you the first step of finding an alien baby – locating UFOs or unidentified flying objects in the sky. These are more obvious at night when everything else in the background is black and it is easier to differentiate stars and planes from anything else that does not appear like it was built by humans.

Locating UFOs

You should try to go to places where there are several reported sightings of UFOs. These places are known to have special energy sources that attract alien craft and beings. Examples include Roswell, Area 51, Mexico and Texas. You should also equip yourself with the needed tools for the search, such as binoculars, a video camera and a digital camera. Make sure your zoom lens is powerful enough to identify it as an alien object in the sky. You can also prepare camping materials when searching for an alien baby, should you plan to stay overnight or for several hours. Pack your mat, food, water and hunting knife.

What It Looks Like

Over the years, scientists, magazines, photographers, artists and movie makers have created their own versions of an alien baby. The pictures can range anywhere from bizaare to funny to scary. Similar to the movie E.T. or The Extra Terrestrial, some people think that alien babies are very similar to humans in the sense that they are harmless, sweet and need companionship. As for the physical appearance, several individuals have told their varied versions of how the beings can look like.

Other portray an alien baby similarly to a human baby, except for a few unique parts like having antennae on the head, having weird skin color like blue, red or green or having exaggerated features like very huge eyes, a huge head or large ears. Most alien babies, however, are depicted at almost the same weight and height as their human counterparts. They also have a lot of humanlike features like hands, feet, a torso, a head, and sensory organs.


An alien baby may also have the personality very much the same as a human newborn. Some might be born very excited or curious about their surroundings. Some alien babies will laugh at funny faces or might get angry if they don’t have things their way. These can also cry and throw tantrums based on movies and cartoons. An alien baby is said to be more intelligent than the average human baby. Experts say that their brains develop faster by about 5 to 15 years, so they might already be capable of certain things before they learn to walk or talk.

Special Powers

An alien baby might also possess a lot of traits and special abilities that are considered extraordinary, such as having the capacity to learn various languages quickly, having the power to control temperature, teleporting, telekinesis or controlling the elements.

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