Are Aliens Real and is the Fourth Kind a True Story?

Are aliens real and is the fourth kind a true story? These are very contradictional questions. The human kind has tried to answer them for a long time now and still be can not find a single proof that it is true. However we can not find proof that it is not true.

Are Aliens Real?So, are aliens real and is the fourth kind a true story? Most people believe that it is true this is because it is only logical that we are not the only ones who live in the universe. There are many far away planets and galaxies out there. And maybe at one of them there are few planets that have the same geographical conditions that enable life for any kind to evolve there. And even if there are aliens somewhere far away from us we still have the problem of shortening the distance between us. The fourth kind movie is about a psychic mystery of missing people in Nome Alaska. It was believed that aliens did it and kidnapped them in their UFOs to another planet. All these people have never return to earth and the police is still trying to figure out what was going on there. Of course they don’t think it was an alien abduction but on the other hand they can not find any alternative explanations.

One day will come and we will have the answer for questions like Are aliens real and is the fourth kind a true story? Everything that happens has a reason but we don’t always see it. And there are many secrets and mysteries on earth. It is true that scientist try to reveal all kind of these questions, sometimes they succeed and sometimes they are clueless. So if you are looking for a straight answer then we currently don’t have it but you can do the research for yourself. In most of the times people just end this by believing it or not and go back to their daily life. Not everyone can dedicated his or her all time to this task of solving the aliens mystery but again, we can be sure that someday something will happen and we will get all of our answers.

The same thing goes with scary clowns – people like you and me that are hiding behind funny clothing and shinny makeup. But when we try to get a closer look we also get confuse. First they looks like cartoons from TV show, then we can not see their face mimes – if they are happy, sad or even want to hurt us and the last thing, again we can not really know what are they. They act funny like kids but they are adults and their gender is not always clear to us. And the worse of all is that they can do whatever they like without being punished, only because the society thinks that they are funny.

Article by Gabrielschm. Psychic mystery of are aliens real, is the 4th kind real, is the fourth kind a true story

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