Alien Sightings in Roswell & China

Alien Sightings in Roswell & China

Article by Caroline Michelle

The alien sightings in the Roswell incident helped to cement the theory that UFOs and aliens exist in the conscience of the American public. Populated by 45,000 people, Roswell has become a famous location for UFO hunters and enthusiasts who believe that a UFO crashed there in 1947.

Witnesses to the Roswell UFO crash state that pieces of the crashed UFO were recovered as well as extraterrestrials that did not survive the crash. The United States military continues to assert that the crash was by one of our own aircraft and fragments recovered were part of that craft. Supposedly the Roswell cover-up was initiated by the Majestic 12, a secret committee created by executive order of President Truman in 1947. Their purpose was to investigate alien sightings and UFO activities after the spaceship crash in Roswell.

While supporters believe Majestic 12 is part of the government cover-up, the FBI released statements that there was no such investigative committee, and all evidence now presented is not authentic.

While we cannot truly know if the Majestic 12 ever existed, in this day and age we do have scientists who are studying alien sightings openly and sharing that research with the rest of the world. According to some of this research, scientists have traced alien sightings as far back as ancient China. Perhaps this ancient connection to aliens has more recently made China a hot spot for UFO sightings. Many believe that the Chinese have been visited by aliens for thousands of years.

Archeologists in 1938 found an interesting cave in the Himalayan mountains. Inside the burial cave, they found rows of tombs and in each one a skeleton with a round, one foot wide stone disc. These discs later become known as Dropa Stones. These stones contained hieroglyphics that do not appear to have come from Earth. Scientists have translated the inscription and found they explain these aliens crash landed on the planet, and with no way to return home, chose to hide in the caves. Unfortunately, the locals eventually tracked down and killed all the alien survivors.

Discoveries such as the Dropa Stones and UFO crashes at Roswell create a stir of interest in the population. This fascination with unexplained phenomena transfers into our entertainment and news media worldwide. It will only be a matter of time before continued research into UFO and alien sightings will bring about the proof to determine if aliens do exist.

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