Alien Agenda

Alien Agenda. It has long been believed by many that aliens are not only visiting our planet, but have actually been living here much longer than we have and are integrating themselves into our society. How has this happened and why don’t we recognize them when we see them are common questions.

Alien AgendaI’ll take the last question first. Most people would think that any alien species that is brave enough to walk around and pretend to be human would be easily recognizable by just about anyone, after all, they are aliens. I’m sure this belief is fueled by popular Hollywood movies, fictional books and the general feeling that if we should ever encounter an alien species, they would be gray in color, with oversize eyes that are almond shaped, have 6 arms, eat live bats for breakfast, and most likely, pursue a variety of other activities that are pretty much dead giveaways that they aren’t from our neck of the woods.

All kidding aside, if there are aliens / extraterrestrials among us, what makes you think they haven’t learned how to blend in? If the theory that a hybridization program, [often mentioned in connection with alien abductions], has actually been put into place, then those alien / human hybrids would very likely look and act very similar to us.

As to how it happened, let’s take a look at one possibility. Supposedly, back in the early 20th century, our government established communications with a species of extraterrestrials known to us as the “Grays”, this led to a meeting at Holloman Air Force Base, which in turn led to a treaty being established. This treaty allowed the Grays to abduct a small percentage of humans, cattle and other animal lifeforms for experimentation and cataloging in exchange for technology. According to the treaty, the aliens would create a list of those individuals taken and provide it to our government. This was a requirement for our government’s continued co-operation. As time went by, things changed … as they always do.

Article by Melissa Fisher. Melissa Fisher is a freelance writer and web site builder.

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