Alien Invasion? – UFOs On Their Way To Earth?

Alien Invasion?

Alien InvasionAlien invasion – UFOs On Their Way To Earth. Nah! I don’t think so. For several reasons. The first is that they are already here. So if they were going to invade Earth with UFOs and ray guns etc. in the traditional way, they would have done it long ago. Also, given that they have been here for a long time, why would they wait until we had nuclear weapons etc. before deciding to attack. If they attack now and we use our atom bombs the planet would be destroyed and nobody would get it.

I believe that, given the age of the universe and the number of galaxies and stars, there are most likely multiple species and races of aliens from all over space already on Earth and they have very likely been here for a very long time. Think about it. If we were able to travel around the universe or even just the galaxy, would we not land on other planets and study them. Of course we would. If we found a planet as primitive as today’s Earth, would we announce that we were there and ruin our study of their civilisation and maybe even change the direction of their developing culture. Nah! I don’t think so. We would sneak around on their planet and hope that we would not be seen. We may even be seen from time to time. We may even accidentally crash our vehicles from time to time. This may even spark rumors of an Alien Invasion on their planet, but that’s ok because their governments will deny our existence.

Why are they here, if not for an Alien Invasion?

They could be here for many reasons that we have not even thought of yet. But, they are most likely fascinated by life in all of its forms as we are on Earth and just want to study us. They are probably centuries and maybe even many centuries or even hundreds of centuries ahead of us in technology and probably in evolution too. After all, they appear to have space travel licked.

There is no alien invasion as we would imagine it and they are not necessarily walking our streets beside us as Hollywood might have us believe, but they are surely here. They may be experimenting on us. Why? I do not know. But, we often take frogs and other animals to our labs and put them in tanks etc. to observe them and work on them. This may well be what is happening on Earth. Earth may be the tank or they may pick up individuals from time to time to examine them. Hence the Alien abductions that have been reported by so many humans in growing numbers.

Without at least one other planet for reference it is impossible to say, but their interest in us may stem from something unique on our planet. It is surely not just us humans they are interested in, though we may be unique in our own way. But there may be something else here that holds their attention. It is also possible that the alien invasion is in the form of tourism. Tourists on Earth flock to the zoo and wildlife parks of the world. What if there is a thriving business bringing tourists to Earth from other parts of space. The alien invasion may after all be happening, but different from the one we are expecting.

Who and What are They?

There are a lot of galaxies and, as we have recently discovered, there are a lot of universes out there. Our aliens could be from just about anywhere. But, they could also be from any time. Time and space are flexible and our “alien invasion” fleet may well control them both. This would make travel infinitely easier and it also means that their origins are even more mysterious.

As Dr. Michio Kaku says in the video, there are many uninhabited planets in the galaxy that have lots of resources, so there is no need for the aliens to invade Earth and take our resources. It is possible that there is a species of “mad aliens” out there who attack planets like ours for fun. But given likely the gap in technology it would not be much fun for them. Nobody has come up with a good reason for an alien invasion yet. If you have, please comment below.

Do Aliens Think We Are Mad?

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