Nome Alaska Abductions – Missing People and Disappearances

Nome Alaska Abductions, missing people and disappearances. Nome Alaska abductions, missing people and disappearances are very famous stories about alien abductions. There were few speculations that might reveal the cause of this phenomena but the UFO explanation is the most logical one.

Nome Alaska AbductionsAt the beginning of October 2000 many people have been contacted by aliens and after a while they completely disappeared without a trace. In the history of man kind there were many cases like the Nome Alaska abductions, missing people and disappearances and what is more amazing is that they all have similar outlines which can be applied to the theory that aliens are visiting us quite often. So what they are doing here exactly? Some say they come to do research on us because they are a different species then us. There are also other theories that they want to use our resources and even to enslave the humans for their own purpose. But if that was the truth then we were already know about it because they would have attacked our planet long ago.

Nome Alaska Abductions

This is why most of us are scared by aliens, and would prefer that they would not come here and that they leave us alone. In fact it would be better for us not to be discovered by aliens because we would be safer. But, they are here and we may never know their intentions. As implied in the movie the 4th kind, the Nome Alaska abductions were very traumatic events and if they are real then everyone will try to escape from this cruel fate – being the laboratory rat of some alien experiments. We can not explain all the psychic mystery in the universe and from time to time we hear about UFO crashes or extra terrestrial life but it is really hard to say whether they are true or not.

Some people like to spread hoaxes or false stories just to be famous or to have a good laugh. But when a series of similar cases suddenly happen then it is more likely to be genuine. At the very least the case deserves further investigation.

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Was the Fourth Kind Based on a True Story?

The Fourth Kind is a movie about Alien Abduction starring Mila Jovavich, which was released in November of 2009. The film opted for an incredibly forceful viral campaign, in which it claimed to be based on true events that originated from Nome, Alaska.

While, there is some validity to the concept, it is only slight. What really happened, is that a series of investigations were launched about a number of missing people in Nome and its vicinity. However, after the investigations were concluded, the FBI determined that Alcohol and the Extreme Cold were to blame for the disappearance.

More importantly, if one looks up Dr. Abigail Tyler online, you will find a single entry on the “Alaska Psychiatry Journal”; whose root URL is completely devoid of life. A quick whois search reveals that the URL was actually only purchased two months before the release of the film. It seems that the producers of the film didn’t have the where-with-all to purchase this and fill it with some valid, yet misleading filler, if only to increase their viral capacity.

Also important, is the fact that Nome itself is misrepresented in the film. Many natives describe that Nome is mostly made up of Alaskan Natives, not the white-washed cast you see in the film. Also important is the fact that the movie portrays Nome being a lush yet cold, mountain valley. People living in Nome describe it as a flat-land for miles.

So as a result, my final opinion is that the Fourth Kind is barely based on anything that happened at all. I’m fairly sure that Abigail Tyler didn’t exist, at least, not one who lived in Nome Alaska and did regressive hypnosis.

Who Is Dr Abigail Tyler?

Dr Abigail Tyler was a fictional character played by the actress Milla Jovavich in the movie “The Fourth Kind”. She was a psychiatrist, and supposedly used regressive hypnosis to track and document people who have experienced abduction phenomena. This woman supposedly lived in the desolate town of Nome, Alaska, where she kept her practice.

Dr. Tyler finds herself involved when she discovers that she has actually been a victim of abduction herself, and eventually the Alien menace returns to take her daughter. In the movie, which is portrayed as to be based on a real event, Dr. Tyler is played by both Milla and Charlotte Milcharde, who represents Dr. Tyler as she ‘actually is’.

However, the film is an mediocre fiction at best, and a falsified hoax at worst. Despite an attempt to provide her some background by the establishment of various domains; it is quickly discovered that these were created to increase the viral appeal of the movie.

Thus the truth remains that Dr. Tyler didn’t exist, and that the story is only loosely based off of disappearances in Nome Alaska, that turn out actually to be a result of Alcohol and the extreme temperatures.

It is my opinion however, that while Dr. Tyler didn’t exist, her character and experiences were an amalgamation of experiences from other sources. Notably, the white owl reference is mentioned in Whitley Strieber’s “Communion”. He specifically mentions seeing an owl in the window, which is a part of the movie that is iconographic, or at least tries to be.

If you have an interest in Alien Abduction, check out my website below. It is a great source of information on the phenomenon, and definitely worth a visit. If you have your own story, see the link below to submit it to the site. All I ask is that you format it in advance, and post anonymously.

Chris Patrick is an aspiring author, with an interest in unexplainable phenomenon.

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