Alien Abductions Story of Antonio Boas

Alien Abductions Story of Antonio Boas

Article by Caroline Michelle

Many who claim to have been abducted by aliens are considered mentally delusional, however, as stories of alien abduction become more and more mainstream, it is hard to dismiss the credibility of these alien abduction witnesses.

One alien abductions case held as credible by medical and military authorities was the alien abduction story of Antonio Villas Boas, a Brazilian farmer, who decided to plow his fields in the evening of October 15, 1957 as a means to try to avoid the heat of day. While working in the fields, he spotted a red, mystery object in the night sky that appeared to be approaching him rather quickly. When he saw it land in a nearby field, he immediately ran to his tractor to try to escape. However, within a few minutes, the engine and lights stopped working so he then attempted to flee on foot.

Boas later told doctors and the military about what happened next. Four alien beings captured him and brought him to their UFO where they brought him into a room on the ship and left him. His story of the encounter included being subjected to medical testing, being placed in a gas room where fumes made him quite ill and then being seduced by a very attractive, alien woman. After the seduction encounter, the alien made gestures toward her stomach and then the sky indicating to Boas that she was pregnant with his child and would take it to space.

After the female alien left the room, other aliens gave him a tour of the spaceship before he was brought back to the field where he had been working. The military subjected Boas to mental and physical testing, and it was widely accepted that Boas’ alien abduction story was true. He did go on to lead a normal life until his passing in 1992. During his whole life, he never changed his story about the alien abduction.

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