Abducted By Aliens? Inner Space Or Outer Space? Part One

Abducted by Aliens? The subset of UFO reports collectively lumped together as ‘close encounters of the fourth kind’ is a minefield, and like the subset of ufology collectively known as ‘contactees’, lots of middle-of-the-road UFO investigators steer clear of the subject. Lots of others don’t and boldly go not so much into outer space, but inner space the inner space of the mind. Then too, many investigators see the answer as one that came from outer space. I see both pro and con on the merits of the abduction phenomena. For example:

Con: The appearance of the aliens, ‘the greys’, reflects a tad too closely the stereotype of what humans will look like many millennia from now enlarged heads; atrophied bodies as the shift from physical to mental labour intensifies. The trend to less and less body hair (we’re much less furry than our ape relations) continues until we’re all bald all round. The aliens aren’t human, but still very humanoid, perhaps too much so.

Being Abducted by Aliens in a UFOCon: What’s the physics behind the obvious artificial gravity our abductees must be experiencing (since they don’t report any weightlessness on the alien’s spaceship which is presumably in Earth orbit)? From orientations reported, it’s not the UFO rapidly revolving, since reports indicate their presence on a level floor between top and bottom, not on one of the outside walls. Aliens have obviously mastered physics unknown to us, providing artificial gravity.

Con: You’d really think there would be hundreds or thousands of independent witnesses to all these home invasions, alien takeaways or those who were abducted by aliens!

Pro: There’s a very high degree of consistency in abduction scenarios that’s independent of age, sex, race, nationality, religion, occupation, etc. that needs to be explained away by sceptics.

Pro: The abduction scenario reflects what our wildlife biologists do capture, study, tag and release. We are to the aliens what animal species are to wildlife biologists.

Pro: Why anyone would deliberately invent, or honestly imagine, such a horror scenario as the common UFO abduction tale is quite beyond me. The fact that independent individuals, who have been abducted by aliens, from various cultures and countries, from all walks of life and all ages, totally unknown to each other, have come up with consistent abduction stories, is credible only if those abductions are actually happening. That’s obviously the case in those days before the abduction phenomena became etched into the public’s psyche. But I understand that in these recent times that there are UFO abductees investigators who keep back from their reports various little things which only they learned about. If a lot of alleged abductees relate experiencing or witnessing these ‘little things’, well credibility goes up several notches. Such investigators have apparently satisfied themselves that such consistency is commonplace.

Really, Abducted by Aliens?

It’s difficult to explain why so many people would independently imagine or hallucinate or dream up the sort of obviously traumatic nightmare abduction scenario, especially when it involves painful invasive medical procedures. If you’re that sort of masochistic person, wouldn’t you dream that it was a mad scientist/medical doctor doing the kidnapping instead of aliens? Why aren’t we flooded with abduction reports by demons taking one to the underworld, or by leprechauns taking their victims to well wherever leprechauns call home?

The sixty-four cent question is ‘why’. Why would aliens abduct humans? Certainly not for chit-chat or wild parties! And why have so many humans been taken for so long? Well, how long have humans studied rats and how many hundreds of thousands have had to run the maze? That’s my answer. We’re just lab rats to the aliens. We’re not to be conquered, but we’re not going to be given the cure for cancer or the road to universal peace either and certainly not the “Encyclopaedia Galactica”.

What was it that Charles Fort said? “I think we’re property”. But is that such a strange idea really? We own land and by extension the plants and animals on it. Does a colony of wild turkeys comprehend that they are owned because they live on something called private property? They could be left in the main quite alone and undisturbed, except for the occasional one which might be harvested (abducted) around Christmas time!

We might ask what right extraterrestrials have to own Planet Earth and by extension us. Our colony of wild turkeys could ask the same about us (or our domestic livestock or companion animals for that matter). Maybe it boils down to the Golden Rule they who have the gold (or are the top of the food chain or have the biggest gun or the most advanced technology) make the rules. It does appear that, given the abduction and cattle mutilation phenomena, Planet Earth and its contents are indeed alien property. Of course, it might have been the case that Planet Earth real estate was obtained by extraterrestrials a billion years ago, way before the evolution of multi-cellular plants and animals, and of course humans.

If humans are anything to be judged by, we abduct animals for all sorts of reasons, from the illegal trade in wildlife to animals for zoos and safari parks, for medical research and biological research. With respect to the latter, wildlife biologists will often abduct, tag and release animals. Sound familiar? If animals communicate among themselves, their verbal history must be chockfull of abduction tales with humans the abductors.

As an aside, I remember a time, now long ago, even before the start of any media coverage of abductions, when the idea of UFOs as extraterrestrial vehicles was one thing, logical and acceptable, but the idea of actual occupants was just too far out to be seriously entertained. Why is beyond me since I would have thought the two concepts would have fitted together like hand and glove. It’s like saying a Boeing 747 airliner is okay, but an actual pilot? That’s just too farfetched.

One other very telling point about ufonauts or UFO occupants (aliens associated with UFOs) and the aliens and scenarios behind alien abductions: in the case of the former, within the ranks of sci-fi (films, TV, novels, short stories, video games, etc.) the range of alien body-types is massive. If you can imagine it, it’s been done. However, the range of alien body-types associated with UFOs is way, way, way more limited. Imagination is not at the forefront here. With respect to the abduction plot, if you were asked to write a sci-fi story that started with the premise of UFO aliens abducting a human in their ‘flying saucer’, the evolution of that initial plot element could take hundreds of different turns. Real abduction tales hardly differ from initial abduction to final resolution. Again, imagination isn’t coming to the forefront. If UFOs, UFO occupants and abductions are all in the mind, well the variety should be more akin to Heinz (57 varieties) squared.

Science librarian; retired.

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