UFO Sightings, Are They Real or Explainable Natural Causes?

UFO Sightings, Are They Real or Explainable Natural Causes?

Article by Caroline Michelle

Whether UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects exist is a subject that has been riddled with controversy since time immemorial, and there is no evidence that it is about to end.

What do People Believe?

Proponents of the existence of UFOs believe that the many reported UFO sightings are evidence enough regarding extraterrestrial spacecrafts that pay planet Earth a visit from time to time. Apparently, another school of thought believes that close to 80% of UFOs have actually been identified over time leaving the remaining 20% of UFO sightings unaccounted for due to lack of evidence. Other opponents of the UFO phenomenon believe that they can easily attribute the appearance of UFOs to natural occurrences such as experimental aircraft, weather balloons, air shows, etc.

Ancient UFO Sightings

Throughout history documented evidence of such sightings can be found. Documentary evidence is included in biblical accounts as well as in stories of several Pharoahs of Egypt. One of the earliest recorded accounts occurred in 329 B.C.E. Alexander the Great was actually reported to have witnessed seeing UFOs as his troops were crossing a river in India. The report says that the men saw two shining silver discs in the sky that repeatedly dove at the men causing untold panic among them.

Modern UFO Sightings

In more modern times, spotting of UFOs and the said alien spacecrafts in many parts of the United States has become prevalent. Many describe them as flying objects shaped like long spheres, which have been aptly nicknamed flying saucers.

One of the areas in the USA where sightings have been reported frequently is in the Southern Nevada area on a remote government owned piece of land consisting of an airfield known as Area 51. The government uses this area for its testing exercises for military aircraft. Experiencers in this region have reported eerie meetings with extraterrestrial beings and sightings of alien ships.

Among people who reported UFO sightings in the Nevada area include a local wine grower named Jevanica Wetsio. She was enjoying her regular pastime of hang gliding when she was suddenly attracted by an unusual sight somewhere in the horizon above the woods. Although it appeared to have been about 2000 or so meters away, she was unable to define the shape. The closer she went toward the object, the more difficult it became for her to put a finger on its description. According to her report, this object hovered like a helicopter and radiated a resplendent bright light without clear outlines that resembled a strong, bright halo of light around the object.

When the UFO was about 4000 meters away, it moved at such a fast speed that Wetsio’s eyes were not able to keep up with it, and the object seemed to disappear completely as it moved across the sky. She described the shape as having a dome-like appearance with three or four other objects hanging or attached. It was colored black and appeared to measure between 5 to 10 meters in diameter. One moment the object was right in front of her eyes, and the next moment it was gone without leaving any trail whatsoever.

Ultimately, whether found in 329 B.C. E. or in 2010, these sightings defy explanation and help keep the debate alive about whether or not UFO sightings are for real.

About the Author

Caroline Michelle is a freelance journalist fascinated by the alien and UFO phenomenon. To view more information about UFO sightings, see UFO Sightings and also visit my blog for more: http://www.alienabductionsexposed.com.

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