So, what is really happening?

The Milky Way - what is really happeningSo, what is really happpening? You may well ask. Anyone who has ever looked up at the sky on a clear cloudless night, especially out in the countryside where there is no interference from the city lights, will have experienced a feeling of the vastness of space and our lack of importance in the big picture. I don’t think that there will be too many people arguing that we are any kind of player in the big game. We are hardly slugs on the grass in the playing field. But, what I think a bit strange is that everyone else on Earth, of the seventy-four known races visiting Earth, are all players. Are there any other slugs around and if there are how will we ever get in touch with them.

Our leaders seem to think that we are slugs too, but not on the playing field of the universe, but on Earth’s playing field. The leaders on our planet seem to be overly preoccupied with their own little turf wars and arms races etc. They have little respect for human life, though they spend a lot of time talking about human rights etc. The American government, for example, talks about saving the world from nuclear disaster (Iran) etc., but they themselves are helping to destroy the planet in other ways. i.e. pollution, destroying animal habitats, global warming etc. They spend a major part of their budget on military research and maintenance of their huge modern army, air force, navy and whatever other forces are there that we do not know about. Everybody knows that the future of civilization depends on finding a clean low-cost energy source. But, the powers that be still seem to be influenced by short-sighted apparently psychopathic business interests that refuse to support the research.

We all complain about unemployment, but scientific research in manufacturing is geared towards mechanization and efficiencies that make humans obsolete. Why? Companies spend vast sums to eliminate the need for man in their systems. This process makes man unemployed and reduces man’s income and therefore man’s ability to buy the products made by the robots that replaced him. If these robots looked humanoid there might be protests on the street, but since they look like simple machines and do not think apparently for themselves man does not yet realize that he is being replaced by the first generation of machines, i.e. robots.

American Economic PolicyWhy does manufacturing research not focus its efforts on innovative products that will use fewer resources and will help us to sustain a reasonable standard of living for all of the people on the planet? Right now, because of our overuse of the Earth’s resources we have only a few years left before we run out. Many of the Earth’s resources will run out in my lifetime. What then? There will probably be a scramble to find replacements and most likely several wars while the stronger nations fight over the remaining scraps. Then they will be gone and we may be in trouble.

Is this a bad thing in the long run? In the short term life will be miserable for Earth’s inhabitants and not just because of the shortages, but because of the wars. I don’t have to say much about war because so many, too many, of the people of Earth have first or second-hand experience of the horrors of war the rest of us live in fear of it. But, in the long run, it may not do any harm to reset the technology settings of the human evolution machine. We are probably too technologically advanced for our ability to control ourselves. What kind of nutters destroys their own planet? Especially when they have not yet developed a way to abandon it and move to a new location when the resourced have been used up. I do not recommend the slash and burn approach to planet management anyway, so even if we had an alternate planet, why destroy this one if there is a way to keep it livable.

Again, What is Really Happening Out There?

Destroying our only source of life, Earth is monumentally stupid not to mention suicidal. So, what is really happening? Are the governments of the world really that stupid or that ignorant? It is hard to believe. So, what is really happening?

Why is there such little interest in replacing fossil fuels? This is a real mystery because with the investment of a very small percentage of the fossil fuel companies’ annual profits they might well have discovered several different methods of clean cheap energy production, which they could still profit from as the licensee of the technology etc.

So, you have to ask, who is pulling the strings? Who is behind the curtain? Given the website that has published this article, there will be no prizes for guessing what I think is going on. If you have an opinion, please post it below.

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