Aliens Here On Earth?

Aliens Here On Earth?

Article by Gwen Bartholomew

Watching the film Men in Black, and their usual tenant screening on aliens here on earth, may be what we call hilarious. A film where a secret government agency deals with species from outer space, like an immigration agency (complete with document presentation and other tools usually seen in airports) is one for a killer imagination. But if there is one thing that would keep us from laughing, and go thinking instead, is the conceptualization of this film: aliens living among us….

Magazine articles, comics, blogs, and movies (even mythologies), have presented the idea of alien life here on earth as a possibility. If there is a strong possibility that myths pictured by the ancients are based from facts, what are the possibilities that “life as we know it” have more than what meets the eye.

A feature article on Discover Magazine presented the idea alternative life forms living among us. It could be anything and anyone; “It could be right under our noses, or even in our noses.” Thus says Paul Davies, the director of BEYOND: The Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science based in Arizona State University. Davies, and doctors who have the same belief, explains this through the evolution of man after the world was created.

From cells to the evolution of man-there is this strong belief, as explained by Steven Benner (from the Foundation of for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville Florida), that everything we see evolved from a RNA predecessor (a life form not likely to exist if Earth was just formed) to a DNA based life form. And just like billions of years ago, there may be some of these life forms left, hidden from mere human eyes.

This theory explains that, billion years ago, RNA organisms inhabit the earth. These organisms can find food (all on their own), grow, and reproduce. Eventually these tenants developed the ability to build protein and thus switched to double-stranded DNA. There is this possibility that, at present, they are living in places that give them branch to survive: places that most likely may have sufficient stuff that they may use to sustain their life. For Davies and Benner, this is their belief on Alien life here on earth. However there are those who put into consideration ideas like that in the movie MIB.

Whether the site is a joke or not, the idea of aliens, living amongst us, in human form can be one for a tenant screening service (if it were that easy and possible). The article in the site is full of claims that Hollywood has become a stage to these inhabitants. One may take this as a joke, especially with pictures of actors, singers, and sports players, posted with a tail, bulging eyes, and green skin. The seriousness of the tone, however, can make one think otherwise. Meanwhile, legends and myths have also been considered as links to claims of alien life here on earth. The Yeti, for example, from the Tibetan legends (we all know him as Big Foot), is said to be an alien, and has been used time and again in story lines in this belief. Landmarks such as pyramids have been also linked (though I think this one is already exaggerated).

Things here on earth may or may not be what we’ve always believed to be true. The stories on Roswell and other alien claims (like the studies of Davies and Benner), may get us hook on this idea. however if we look at the universe, and our mother earth a proof that life on other planet may exist, there is this thought to ponder, that as much as they are aliens to us, we too are aliens to them. And for the movie MIB, this idea is one worth enjoying….

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