Aliens Are Out to Get Us – Or Are They?

Aliens Are Out to Get Us. At least that’s what Stephen Hawking thinks, and its hard to argue with someone who spends his time developing theories of time travel and unraveling the mysteries of black holes. In a new documentary for the Discovery Channel, Hawking warns that we shouldn’t be hoping to be contacted by alien races. In his estimation, given the vastness of the universe, the existence of intelligent life is a mathematical probability. However, if they come for a visit, it won’t be good news. He believes that they would most likely be searching for more resources, having exhausted their own. So, if they arrive here, they won’t be coming in peace.

Aliens Are Out to Get Us?

Alien MicrochipThis isn’t a new idea. This scenario has been frequently used in science fiction – ABC’s “V”, “Independence Day”, and “The War of the Worlds”, just to name a few. Why is it such a popular concept? For one, every story needs conflict and aliens being the bad guys makes for an exciting plot. But more so than that, I believe it’s popular because its a theme we know well. We do it.

If you look at humanity’s history, it’s the way we live. We have gotten out of balance with the world around us. Rather than live in equilibrium with nature, we consume. When we run out, we go somewhere else and find more. So, if aliens are the bad guys because they are going to do that to us, doesn’t that also make us the bad guys? Am I the bad guy too, because I contribute to that style of life?

Stephen Hawking may be right. But I also wonder if part of our fear is based upon the fact that we are projecting our own nature on other beings. We think they’ll do it to us, because that’s how we think. It’s next to impossible for us to conceive of a different way of life.

If aliens exist, and they come visit us, that means they are pretty smart, having figured out a way to travel such a long way. I hope that means they are also smart enough to have figured out a better way to live.

Article by Jerran Wolf.  Jarren is a fan of all forms of science fiction. He enjoys reading great sci-fi novels, anywhere from the classic works of Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov to the modern authors like Orson Scott Card. He also loves science fiction movies and TV shows, and is amazed by the talent and creativity of people like J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon.

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