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UFOs are everywhere these days and always have been. Why the people who know so afraid to talk about them? Well we can’t answer that, but we can talk about them and we will.

We invite you to help us by submitting your sighting reports and photos etc. to us. We will publish any and all credible reports. We won’t always get it right so we want our visitors to help with polite comments.

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I created this UFO website in 2009 because, even then, I had a long-held belief in UFOs and knew that we were not alone. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that, right? Well, logic does not constitute proof and there are many people out there who want proof. Fair enough. But, how do you prove the existence of something without actually presenting the object in question to your audience? That has long been the problem. All of the proof i.e. the evidence seems to have been covered up. By whom? We do not really know. The US Air Force has been handed the blame for decades and there seems to be an abundance of evidence to support this, but who is behind them? It seems that even the US president does not have all the facts. (Or does he?)

Anyway, why the cover-up? According to all the surveys I have ever seen or heard of recently, the majority of people worldwide believe that there are extraterrestrials on Earth right now. If they are, why are they here? To study us? To what end? Are we that different from what they have seen on other planets? Or do they have other more sinister motives that we can not even begin to guess at?

One theory is that they are not aliens, but people from our future trying to solve a genetic problem that has surfaced far into the future and that they need our DNA to get the human race “back on track”. Well, whatever the reason there is little doubt that someone is here although there is little evidence to support this.

But remember that whether they are creatures from another planet or time-travelling humans from the future, they are technologically far more advanced than we are. We are at their mercy whether they are “good aliens” or “bad aliens”. As far as we know, they have not done much harm… yet. But I feel that the world should know. We should be told. Governments who know should tell the rest of us what is happening.

What would happen If Barrack Obama decided to gradually release information to the public about what is going on behind the scenes? What if he leaked information about what UFOs are and where they came from and why they are here etc. Even if he blew the lid off the whole thing at a press conference. What’s the worst that could happen? There is unlikely to be a panic. Why would people panic? Unless of course, he was announcing an invasion or something like that. And, there does not appear to be one. Nor does it seem likely. No, people have more immediate worries today. In fact, it might be a good time to make an announcement, because people are too distracted by their economic problems. (Don’t get me started on that one)

BUT, consider this. What if there is a really good reason for not telling the world? Now I can’t think of one reason why this should be, but what if there really is a good reason for it? If you can think of a reason then go to the contact page and send it to me. I will post the reasons on this site for everyone to see. If requested to we will publish your contribution without your name or details.

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