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UFO Sightings - Still a Mystery?

UFO Sightings Still a Mystery

UFO Sightings Still a Mystery. UFO is the abbreviation for unidentified flying objects that are the mystery of the sky. It is still a mystery if they exist or not. There are many reports on area 51 aliens by competent…

The UFO Enigma

UFO Enigma

The UFO Enigma. Famous abduction cases, such as the Travis Walton situation, have been popularized in books and movies, along with the occurrence being validated by means of polygraph tests administered to all parties involved. While this may not be…

SETI Versus The Trickster Gods


SETI Versus The Trickster Gods. SETI stands for the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, and the usual ways and means of doing that is to scan the heavens with radio telescopes looking for an intelligent radio signal from ET. Some of…