Angels, Demons, UFOs in a spiritual action adventure is a CLASH OF THE KINGDOMS

Angels, Demons, UFOs in a spiritual action adventure is a CLASH OF THE KINGDOMS

The Clash of The Kingdoms

by Harry Connor Jr

One of the hardest things in the world is writing a novel of pure fantasy occurring on a number of different levels at the same time.

When you throw Theology, Angelology, Demonology, UFO-ology, and Cosmology collectively into the mix of a mind-boggling, spiritual action adventure, you have a real … CLASH OF THE KINGDOMS!

The purpose of this book is designed to open closed yet fertile minds to the deeper mysteries contained in the Scriptures and other ancient manuscripts, and those of the Unseen World of the spirit, and to previous works on these subjects.

Below are a few short paragraphs as an example.

Count Balzac spoke first. "General Stone!" he scowled contemptuously. "Did your antigravity craft buzz this monument last night?" The General responded with equal disdain. "No, sir, our AGC did not! We were mustered on Mount Hermon until only an hour ago." Then remembering that the best defense was a good offence, he snapped back, "And exactly where were you when this allegedly occurred?" "Then they are here now!" Balzac snorted. "You were nearly too late!"

The irritation in General Stone's voice intensified. "Too late? I see the obelisk before me, do I not? You say they are here now? How do you know this for a fact? Can you substantiate your claim?" he demanded.

"As I probe this place with my mind, Stone," Balzac replied calmly, "my familial spirits tell me that they are already here, somewhere. I know not where exactly, but they are indeed here, for I feel their presence. Moreover, a number of my guards have already been incarcerated for failing to promptly report an AGC buzz over this obelisk last night. Is that substantiation enough?" Balzac stared angrily at the General.

Seeing the Count was not about to be challenged any further on the subject, General Stone acquiesced. "Then it must have been the craft of the lone observer who has been assisting them; the one they call 'ZZ'. We will have this one yet, for Dagon is tracking his AGC's ion trace even as we speak." When you mix UFOs, alien observers, fallen and righteous angels, wizards and warriors, into a fast paced action adventure, you're bound to have a strange mix of controversial subjects, no doubt a real 'clash of the kingdoms'.

The E-Book is 100% GRATIS, and is completely free of any charge or cost to you! If you enjoy the story and desire to share it with others you have my permission to make as many copies of it as you like. All I ask is that you please do not alter the content in any way, shape, or form.

Get your free copy of this strange book here, only after you take a short test.

About the Author

When you write a new type of work, one of spiritual fiction or SPI-FI, which reveals many of the things long hidden from this world, you might find that you have bitten off more than you can chew, especially when the subject is as controversial as this one. It is a parable, a work of pure fantasy, based in part on many experienced spiritual truths, but in general on a premise borne only in the mind of the author.

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