Travis Walton Story of Alien Abduction

Travis Walton Story of Alien Abduction

Article by Caroline Michelle

The alien abduction experience of Travis Walton happened November 5, 1975 about 9 miles south of Heber, Arizona. As he was traveling with co-workers on the road to Snowflake, Walton was abducted by aliens all while seven fellow tree loggers were watching.

After spotting a large UFO, the group stopped the car, and Walton walked toward the UFO. The spacecraft shined a bright light on him and then he was compelled by some mystery force to the ground. His fellow workers shocked by what they were witnessing fled the site.

Unfortunately, Walton disappeared and remained missing for five days. Authorities began a widespread search in the area and even opened a murder investigation of his fellow loggers due to his mysterious disappearance.

Walton recalled much of his experience under hypnosis. He later stated that after being compelled to the ground he recalled waking up to a bright light in his eyes. He states he had a panicked reaction with hurting in his chest and head. Believing he was in a hospital because of the brilliant light, he was surprised once he looked round and saw three mysterious, extraterrestrial beings that appeared like five foot tall fetuses. The alien beings wore orange, baggy robes without familiar symbols or emblems and had characteristically large eyes much like recognized descriptions of the Grey aliens. They worked silently in what seemed to be some form of exam room.

Attempting to protect himself, Walton said he grabbed an 18 inch long cylinder and threatened the beings. They merely backed away from him and left the room. Shortly thereafter, one other being sporting a navy uniform and helmet and possessing a human appearance led him from the examination room into a new brightly lit room. Luckily, Walton was found five days later after his alien abduction by a fuel station near the town of Heber.

Further information about alien abductions and Walton’s encounter was documented in his book, The Walton Experience, in addition to a full length feature film, Fire in the Sky.

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