The best UFO conference abduction cases

The best UFO conference abduction cases

Article by Bob Harrison

There are many great alien abduction cases which I have heard at my nearest ufo conference down the years but two stand out above the others.The Betty and Barney Hill abduction story was the first ever abduction story the interest of the media. A book soon followed a movie called “The Interrupted Journey” and an appearance at a ufo conference. The Hills had problems sleeping after the incident and had frequent nightmares, but it wasn’t until they sought therapy for their sleep problems that their story came to light. During their hypnotic regression sessions the therapist, who was totally unprepared for what the Hills had to say, tried to put a conventional explanation to their story but the Hills held firm. The hypnotic regressionist was stunned as the couple both described their encounter with the small beings which led them into their craft. However, although the couple described the same encounter, the emotional effect on each was quite different.Betty Hill was more fascinated by her abduction experience than Barney. Whilst on board the UFO she asked her alien abductors which planet they were from. Under regression hypnosis, she managed to draw a map which she had been shown. The map didn’t match any known star system as was dismissed as fantasy at the time. Some time later an astronomer claimed at a ufo conference to have found a match for the star system which Betty had drawn. However, this has been dismissed as dubious because the match is not exact and the map needs to be manipulated to look exactly like the star system in question. Barney Hill had a much worse alien abduction experience than Betty. He was petrified of the alien beings and in particular their medical examinations. During his hypnotic regression session, he was constantly trying to get away from his alien captors.The encounter which Betty and Barney Hill has back in the 60s probably remains the most important ufo conference case ever even though 50 years have now elapsed and many more abductions have occurred. The second famous alien abduction encounter which I often hear told at the ufo conference is the case of Travis Walton.The incident occurred in November 1975 when Travis and his work colleagues were heading home after a hard day’s work and encountered a UFO. Travis was curious and got out to have a look. His friends yelled at him to get back into the truck but before he could he was hit by a turquoise beam which came from the underneath of the craft. In panic, they floored the truck and left the scene in a hurry. After a few minutes they regained their composure and when they came back, Travis had gone. Travis talked about this part of the encounter at a ufo conference in the 1990s and the tension in the air was amazing.Local law enforcement were very suspicious of the crew. They undertook lie detector tests and were interviewed at length but they stuck to their stories. The police’s theory was that the extrovert Travis had been murdered by a crew member because he was dating his sister. The police’s case collapsed in dramatic fashion when Travis suddenly called his brother from a local gas station and asked to be picked up so he could go home. He kept talking about beings with big eyes on the way to his parent’s house. Travis thought that it was only a few hours later and was shocked to hear that he had been gone for days.. He had lost weight and had a short beard. His hypnotic regression session heard his story aboard a spaceship that included both the archetypal small grey beings who were about five foot tall, and humanoids who declined to communicate with him but gesticulated for him to go after them. An oxygen type device was positioned on his face, and Travis said he passed out. When he awoke, the spaceship was stationary over the road near the service station, and when it zoomed off, he rang for his brother to come.One of the most amazing features of Travis Walton’s encounter and one which was obvious at a recent ufo conference, is the personality changes of both Travis and his brother in law, Mike Rogers. Travis now talks much more quietly than he did. He doesn’t seemed bothered if the public doubt what occurred to him. His previously introverted friend, Mike Rogers, is suddenly the one annoyed by those who rubbish Travis’s claims. Neither of them have ever amended their recollections of that infamous night and encounter with a ufo on that forest road.Travis Walton undertook a lie-detector test after the book and film “Fire in the Sky” were produced and he successfully passed just as his crew had passed their polygraphs when Travis was missing. What is the truth about Travis Walton? We only know what he in all honesty thinks occurred to him, and we also know that there were many witnesses to the encounter. Walton used to appear quite often at our ufo conference and and quite simply he says you either believe him or you don’t. I’ll leave it at that.

About the Author

About the author: Bob Harrison is an independent ufo and paranormal researcher. His investigations have been reproduced in many paranormal publications over the years. Bob has organised many a ufo conference over the years and is involved with a well known local ufo group.

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