What are UFOs from the esoteric point of view?

What are UFOs from the esoteric point of view?

Article by Carlo Dorofatti

First of all, we must understand how we interact with alternative realities and this is where “Magic” comes up along with a variety of ancient traditions that have a lot to teach us. The classic contactee is usually not aware of this, on the other hand some people started off with contactism but then related the events to the Magical realm (and we shall clarify the term Magic later on). They connected the events with a series of other factors instead of isolating it. Isolating the experience will never lead to any interesting results or information.The only concern is that a vampirical, dark and gloomy image of the phenomenon is being fed through. This trend is created by the so called topic authorities like Bob Lazar. People that go around with a briefcase full of evidence, alien implants extracted from abductees (abductees have often stated to have been implanted devices to keep them under control). There are also X-rays and physical evidence. But these characters that make a living out of the conferences they give on this topic have turned Ufological research into a Business. Of course, each one is free to do as he or she likes but the real concern is that turning Ufology into something that is preached could lead to fideism or even worse: let’s not forget that this phenomenon interacts with the collective psyche and if the collective psyche gives a certain shape and form, the phenomenon will take this attributed shape. It is a bit like what some of the after death theories say: the departed will find themselves in the paradises or hells they have created for themselves.We should start modifying ourselves the paradigm in order to see how it interacts with a suddenly different mode of interpretation or point of view. As is stated in Quantum Physics, some phenomena give different results according to the condition and changing factors of the observer.UFOs exist as long as they find a psychic content that gives them a solid form, shape and nature. From my point of view, it would be too simplistic to just state that they are in our minds. They are a result of our conscience just like everything else but then we enter in the realm of mysticism and spiritual physics. For now let’s just say that they are a shape and form given to a form of energy that doesn’t originate from us but that is part of certain aspects of reality that we still know nothing about (whether it is interior or exterior doesn’t matter at this point because we would enter into a different type of discussion where a different type of logic needs to be applied)In any case, we are talking about an exogenous alien phenomenon that opens up like a window towards another reality and that should lead us to enquire how much of that “alienness” is really within us or at least to question how much of what we perceive as real comes from what we have told to be our world and reality.The most appropriate behaviour should be scientific-Gnostic approach: there is one discipline that has always attempted to teach the balance between reason and perception and that is “Magic”, starting always with the harmonisation of science and conscience. In my opinion, this is the behaviour that should be applied on the UFO phenomenon, which inserts it in a larger topic as merely a component of the whole.We can say that the first form of esotericism that investigated reality as holistic and multidimensional, thus unifying Esotericism, Magic, Esoteric Physics and Ufology was the Thelemic current, founded by Crowley. He has the merit of understanding the connection and being the precursor of the great archetypal changes of the Age of Aquarius. Later on Grant, Bertieaux and various other research movements of Thelemic-Maatian influence investigated the theories of Chaos, Stellar Magick, etc.It is important to point out that even notable researchers like Castaneda have fallen into the dualistic trap. Towards the end of his career, Carlos Castaneda started talking about malignant entities that surrounded mankind and feed upon us like simple food, etc. Wherever there is a line of thought along these lines, it actually creates a dualistic scheme of reality which will take on the same expression: these forces exist, I am not saying they don’t ��” they are mentioned even in my studies and writings ��” but they are entities created by us humans as a result of thousands of years of ways, behaviours and attitudes. They are not the historical cause of humanity’s sleep and spiritual involution. The awakening must therefore begin from within us.It is us who are allowing this predation and we have locked ourselves into a variety of political, social, religious and cultural schemes that make sure this continues in this manner. There is now of course en energetic mechanism that ensures the continuity of this entrapment but it was created by mankind in the first place. And if we continue to think in this manner, things will be as we want them to! The entrapment will continue.This is a rather historical moment where all that was once an established fact is thrown back onto the discussion board. The planes are shifting and mixing in order to reformulate what we are defining as reality: perhaps we are at the edge of a great mutation, a big change (someone might have called it apocalypse) and great affluence of energy. In some of my studies and writings I have gone into more detail on the topic of parallel worlds and the detachment of planes of existence. Surely at a global level, we are in the midst of a mixture of paradigms that need to reformulate in a new manner, according to potential futures and schematics that could go in very different directions from one another.The whole concept is to develop the capacity to access the phenomenon within the timeframe and modalities established through a form of harmonic and balanced concurrence of forces. This must be achieved without any abuse of power or losses of lucidity even during the time when one remains open and fully available towards something greater. This is accomplished through the ever more precise use of will power and the ever widening use of our own senses, as well as mental and spiritual faculties.At that precise moment, we can have a glimpse on what could be reality, with less and less filtration, but also a glimpse on the means and the purpose of it all. This is what Magic (Magick) is: a communion with the supernatural without having to submit to an authority that doesn’t exist, because the only true authority is our own conscience, as long as we have been able sharpen it and make it evolve according to our true nature.

CARLO DOROFATTIwww.horuscentre.org

About the Author

Carlo Dorofatti (alias Gattopardo, alias OMM) is a free researcher and writer who promotes the potential knowledge and awareness coming from this New Aeon.

With this aim, he founded the “Endoteric Order for the Global Ascension” and the related cultural organization named “Ascension 93”.

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