Annunaki, Nephilim, Rephaim, Elohim, Aliens, UFO’s

Annunaki, Nephilim, Rephaim, Elohim, Aliens, UFO’s

Article by Gregory Volz


Northwest UFO Chasers – Radio Broadcast – Part 8 – TherianthropesTIMELINE – compiled, programmed, written, authored, produced by Gregory M Volz

I was wondering, if you knew that we as a species were farmed on this planet, would it change your opinion of alien contact? Remember the alien intelligence knows that we can’t truly travel in space and that they have us locked on this planet to come and get us randomly, genetically modify us, and put us on different planets with different atmospheres. This is sort of the Government black operational military industrial complex agenda. Disclosure just doesn’t work in this regard, So Now What? This picture is part of my Northwest UFO Chasers Radio Broadcast – Part 8 – and is of an ancient Sumerian artifact. SEE MY TIMELINE! Well gregory,you have been reading my mind, this is the question i am asking myself right now and to be honest, i am not able to have a clear opinion at this moment. This is not like reading the newspaper and just going on with your life afterwards…and somedays i really wonder if the life i am living is truly my life.

I have had two dreams that clearly corroborate what you are suggesting here, but i didn’t understand them at the time, but to be more specific to the question i think it would at least change my perception of it. It would be interesting and fun if more people would participate in the discussion, THERE ARE NO GOOD OR BAD ANSWERS! Nephilim are actually half human half alien (god) dna beings. These beings genetics are fully external to the planet Earth! – When you factor in the most ancient buildings, like those in Gobekli Tepe, pyramids in Bosnia, underwater pyramids in China and pre-Mayan structures in the Americas, you cant help but wonder how these things happened “out of context” and what was behind it all. I would only add that the ‘farming’ appears to extend well beyond ET and into whatever intelligence set the conditions for the universe/ multi-verse itself. People need to know it’s really ok to think about such things. I fully AGREE, after years of RESEARCH and putting evidence on the TIMELINE, analyzing the data I don’t have all the answers but the conclusions can be drawn to support

1. advanced genetic intervention in our species. 2. alien being, dimensional traveler. What does it matter? If they don`t have good intentions for us that isn`t good. All of you have probably watched “The Fourth Kind” which will help a lot of people understand that they are with us now. Not Gone away and coming back, but with us right now. Undefined Flyıng Objects if I’m really a lab rat I think I want to die. How horrifying. It doesn’t bear thinking about theological scholars recommend that you absorb the following – 1. the lie about the dead sea scrolls – 2. The gospel of JUDAS – YES the archeological context is of an ANNUNAKI and is an archeological artifact from ancient Sumeria. This was found by archeologists that were sworn to TOP SECRECY under non-disclosure and this was leaked as well as the CUNEIFORM that talks about human genetic modification in ancient Mesopotamia. SEE the TIMELINE –

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Sincerely,Gregory M Volz – Northwest UFO Chasers –

just a guy who worked for the black operational military industrial complex and learned to inter & hyper dimensionally space travel.



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