UFOs are everywhere these days and always have been. Why is everyone so afraid to talk about them? Well we can’t answer that, but we can talk about them and we will.

We invite you to help us by submitting your sighting reports and photos etc. to us. We will publish any and all credible reports. We won’t always get it right so we want our visitors to help with polite comments.

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Intelligent Alien
Aliens On Earth

They Say We Are the Only Intelligent Life in the Universe

Intelligent Life? Billions of galaxies, an almost infinite number of stars and solar systems and here we are all alone on Mother Earth. The evidence …

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Aurora Texas UFO Incident 1
Ufo Crash

UFO Crash Before Roswell Incident

Another UFO Crash? Not known to many people, there was another visitor from outside the Earth and crashed in 1897 in Aurora, Texas. The incident …

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Smokey UFO Melbourne

A Smoky UFO was Spotted over Melbourne Australia

In an unusual sighting, a smoky UFO was spotted over Melbourne, Australia. The discovery was made on 10 July and was immortalized on video, which, …

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